Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 v12.0 Multilingual

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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 v12.0 Multilingual

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Earlier this year Corel released the newest version of its image editing suite, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. The new “X2” gives enthusiast digital photographers an entirely new set of tools to unlock their creative potential. Packed with applications for downloading, viewing, sorting, and editing/processing images, is X2 a digital photographer’s dream come true or worst nightmare?

Corel promises in their advertisements that X2 is an easy-to-use, powerful image editor at an affordable price. Retailing for just $99 or less, X2 is certainly a viable option for consumers who are also considering products from Adobe. What sets X2 apart from the competition is a wide array of old and new features (some of which are unique to Corel).

Below is an overview and review of some of the new and existing features in X2 along with sample images to illustrate the pros and cons of this exciting application.

Compatibility with Photoshop Plug-ins
An excellent feature in Corel’s Paint Shop Pro Photo series that doesn’t get much attention is compatibility with “most” Photoshop plug-ins and filters. Many creative plug-in filters such as those from Nik Software or Imagenomic are 100 percent compatible with X2 … so you can use many of the same creative tools used in Adobe Photoshop. However, not all plug-ins are fully compatible with X2 … and X2 cannot use Photoshop Actions or Scripts. Bottom line, check with the plug-in manufacturer to confirm X2 compatibility.

Minimum System Requirements
Corel lists some pretty standard minimum requirements in order to run X2. That said, even though you don’t “need” a newer computer to run this software you may want to consider an upgrade after you read our speed comparison section later in this review. The minimum system requirements are:

* 1GHz processor
* Windows Vista or Windows XP
* Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher (already included with a standard installation of Windows)
* Internet Explorer 6 or higher
* 256MB of RAM for XP, 768MB for Vista
* 500MB of free hard disk space
* 1078 x 768 resolution display, 24-bit color


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